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    Modern Talking - Mix FM vol. 1-2010


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    Modern Talking - Mix FM vol. 1-2010

    Post  Admin on Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:34 am

    Modern Talking - Mix FM vol. 1-2010

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    Tracklist :

    Intro (10 seconds) (starky welcome) 1:13
    Win The Race (starky Formula-1 mix) 4:56
    Shooting Star (starky long beat mx) 6:26
    You Are Not Alone (feat. Eric Singleton)(starky extended mix) 5:08
    Maria (starky radio rain mix) 3:57
    When The Sky Rained Fire (starky unlimited mix) 4:45
    You're The Lady Of My Heart (starky masterson remix) 5:06
    From Coast To Coast (starky sea mix) 5:38
    Mix FM (Dieter Bohlen Present)(starky middle) 0:32
    Last Exit To Brooklyn (starky extended mix - part one) 5:27
    Mrs. Rabota (starky lap-top mix) 4:43
    Everybody Need Somebody (starky extended mix) 5:52
    America (starky calling mix) 3:25
    Witchqueen Of Eldorado (starky voodoo mix) 5:00
    Superstar (starky star mix) 4:41
    Outro (starky see you) 0:55


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