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    [NDM1258] Yohan Esprada - Lost In Time EP


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    [NDM1258] Yohan Esprada - Lost In Time EP

    Post  Esprada on Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:09 am

    Lost In Time Ep

    Back to the fundamental with this classic Deep from Yohan Esprada for Next Dimension Music. "Lost In Time EP" is a sweet Ep with two track, in first you find "Lost In Time (Main Mix)" composed with sensualitity, love and respect for "the drums" ! "YAL is Dope (Main Mix)" is the result of a sulphurous passion. Mixture of sensualism and strength, this sound in the carnal tone is led by love. As a lover which try to seduce you, let the atmosphere of YAL captivated you.

    This is a part 1, the remixes come on 2011. Stay alert.

    1. Lost In Time (Main Mix)
    2. YAL is Dope (Main Mix)

    Available now on Beatport :

    Written, Produced, Arranged, Mastered by Yohan Esprada

    Special thanks to YAL for his love.


    Essential Feedback :

    Name : Evren Ulusoy
    Feedback : liking this one.Thanks !

    Name : Sezer Uysal
    Feedback : Lost in time is for me ! thanks !

    Name : Satoshi Fumi
    Feedback : love both trax.deep:)

    Name : Graham Sahara
    Feedback : YAL is Dope has some great flowing beats, nice for warming up thanks

    Name : Da Funk
    Feedback : lost in time is nice!

    Name : Spiritual Blessing
    Feedback : Hello Yohan, this new project is a massive deep house cut. LOST IN TIME has an amazing groove. This is track we choose and will play.
    Thank you.

    Name : Dj Sydney
    Feedback : Nice...

    Name : Andy Ward
    Feedback : love the deep ness of the pad and the vocal. YES !!

    Name : Ilias katelanos
    Feedback : Beautifull new release from Yohan
    i like a lot both tracks

    Name : Justin Imperiale
    Feedback : I like the old school vibe YAL's mix brings. Best of luck with the release.

    Name : Amir groove
    Feedback : just the sound i like to hear and play!! well done, ibiza Sonica

    Name : DJ FLOY (Cabana/Soulheat/Abicahsoul)
    Feedback : love th 2tracks!!!!!!!!!!!Avec une preference pour Yal is Dope mais c'est un super maxi encore une fois!

    Name : Alexander a.k.a Dj AX
    Feedback : nice deep vibes

    Name : Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)
    Feedback : Thank you for the promo, Yohan! Title track is our fav here. Nice mellow deep sound.

    Name : Vincent "Deeper"
    Feedback : Lost in Time est vraiment EXCELLENT !!
    Du bon sound deep Wink

    Name : Smoothtraxx
    Feedback : Great work like ALWAYS! Keep on!!!

    Name : Octav Paul
    Feedback : Thats tha bass I'm talking about, from Lost in Time !!!

    Name : Iva&small
    Feedback : dope tracks are so loveble...nice,calm and sweet...

    Name : kylou
    Feedback : Lost in time: What a sensual deep house track. i love it. Perfect to share a real emotion into a dj set.
    YAL is dope: Perfect to increase the pressure on the dancefloor. of course i will playlist it! really good job guy Wink

    Name : DJ_KIK
    Feedback : Big Bass, good release ;o)

    Name : MissMoon
    Feedback : "Lost in time" very nice atmosphere, very deep
    I support this talented french artist.

    Name : LPR
    Feedback : A new release from Next Dimension, the deep house underground label.
    Yohan Esprada, the french producer come back after "Sly Ep", for new tracks on this "Lost in time EP".
    What's YAL ? I don't know but "YAL is dope". A deep sensual track, with an grooving elements like an electro bass.
    If I have a good memory, my man Yohan Esprada created the "Lost in time track in 30 minutes, for 5 minutes of pure pleasure, towards a deep atmosphere's trip.

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