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    [DBR018] Cristian Poow - Ioann EP


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    [DBR018] Cristian Poow - Ioann EP Empty [DBR018] Cristian Poow - Ioann EP

    Post  dbeatzion.rec on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:23 am

    The pure feelings of love from Cristian Poow, captured entirely in this spectacular combination of progressive melodies.

    A piano and classical music strings fused in the breakdown of Ioann in order to generate the most beautiful ambience of the track.
    And the power of the chord-bass leading the strength to Always 17.

    Is just an advance of what is coming up during 2011.

    [DBR018] Cristian Poow - Ioann EP 2afbc34684274795d128d75553948b00

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