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    [CAB0034] Yohan Esprada Ft Lorena - L'Ebullition D'amour Ep


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    [CAB0034] Yohan Esprada Ft Lorena - L'Ebullition D'amour Ep

    Post  Esprada on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:07 pm

    Yohan Esprada Feat Lorena
    L'ebullition D'amour EP (Incl. Justin Imperiale Remix & More)

    What a jewel we've got here courtesy of Yohan Esprada and Cabana Records. The old school flavored "L'ebullition d'amour" features sensual vocals of Lorena and glorious keys and chords over a percussively thumpin' groove, altogether creating a mesmeric feel. But it doesn't end here as the remixes by the likes of Justin Imperiale, Aphreme, Soletek, Fiso da Costa, Yal, Logan Dataspirit and Housadiction cover different grounds to let you enjoy this marvelous song in its full glory

    Yohan Esprada feat. Loréna - L'Ebullition D'Amour EP

    1. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Original Mix)
    2. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Instrumental Mix)
    3. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Paris Opera Dub)
    4. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Justin Imperiale Remix)
    5. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Aphreme's 303 Roots Mix)
    6. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Fiso Da Costa Mix)
    7. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Fiso Da Costa Dub)
    8. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Soletek Urban Sole Mix)
    9. L'Ebullition D'Amour (YAL Mix)
    10. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Logan Dataspirit Mix)
    11. L'Ebullition D'Amour (Housadiction KIK's Rework)

    Available now exclusively on Traxsource : http://www.traxsource.com/index.php?act=show&fc=tpage&cr=titles&cv=80501

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