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    Myth DJ And Mystic DJ - The Myth Mix -16-


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    Myth DJ And Mystic DJ - The Myth Mix -16- Empty Myth DJ And Mystic DJ - The Myth Mix -16-

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    Myth DJ And Mystic DJ - The Myth Mix -16-

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    [Myth Intro]
    [Hands Up music mixed]

    01.Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head
    02.Picco - Walk On By
    03.Alex M. Vs. Marc Van Damme - Fly Away
    04.Lily Allen - The Fear
    05.Citrus Hill - Lemon Tree
    06.Dj Brainstorm - Save Me
    07.4 Grooves Feat. Reki. D. - Relax
    08.Ben Bedrock - High Again
    09.Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
    11.Dj Falk - Mueve
    12.Fragma - Memory
    13.Linkin Park - New Divide
    14.Alessza - Barcsak
    15.Dj Seleco Feat. Torny - I Love You
    16.Antebrink Och Digitunez - Hand I Hand
    17.Benjamin Zane - Why Bye Bye
    18.Speedy X Spin - She
    19.Bigroom Society - Close Your Eyes
    20.Sunray & Valle - Collapse
    21.Clubstone - I Engineer

    [Myth DJ Goes Hard]

    22.Showtek - World Is Mine
    23.The Yofridiz - Electra Shockin
    24.Gostosa - Whats Goin On
    25.Gostosa - Never Say Never
    26.The Confuzers - The Next Revolution
    27.Stereo Master Deelay Pain - Put Ya Handz
    27.Da Tweekaz - Inferno
    28.Major Bryce - Jumping Is Not A Crime
    29.Psyko Punkz - 2 Follow

    [Mystic DJ Intro]
    [2004 Dance music mixed]

    30.General Base - Base Of Love
    31.Lazard - Little Star
    32.Raccoon - Rock the Floor
    33.Baby Jane - cant You See
    34.Groove Coverage - Runaway
    35.Kate Ryan - Scream & Shout
    36.Prelude Feat. Somoh - Losing My Religion
    37.Milk Inc. - Losing Love
    38.Ian Van Dahl - Where Are You Now
    39.No Doubt - Don’t Speak 2004
    40.Karma - Amore Mio
    41.Clubringer feat. Kasia - Sound of My Dreams
    42.Ago - Tell Me Where You Are
    43.Candee Jay - If I Were You
    44.Laava - Wherever You Are
    45.Diana Fox - Where Are You Now
    46.Florida Inc. - Fuck It (I Don’t Wan’t You Back)
    47.Sylver - Forever In love
    48.Karma - Da Sam Ja Tvoja Jedina
    49.Cascade - Miracle
    50.Jan Wayne - Single
    51.Captain Hollywood Project - Flying High
    52.Lasgo - Surrender
    53.Voodoo & Serano - Give Me The Power
    54.Alex C feat. Yasmin K - Angel of Darkne


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