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    Yohan Esprada - Crème de la Crème Ep


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    Yohan Esprada - Crème de la Crème Ep

    Post  Esprada on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:46 am

    Yohan Esprada - Crème de la Crème Ep

    DES0003 comes from no less than Yohan Esprada, Yohan is a well known name in the music business both as a producer and a dj, he is the man behind so many fantastic releases. His last EP "Baiser Sucré EP" broadcasted by Underground Collective is already playlisted by Jon Cutler, Neil Pierce, Marlon D, Marco De Mulero, Dj Rork and others. Several EP was released including Gleam Of Spirit, Gleam Of Spirit 2, Twenty 6, Sly, Let's Work but also many remixes for artists such as Robert Owens, Daniel Kyo Cooccer, Agent Matteo, Onur Ozman, Mastercris, Raxon, Sami Dee, Skyler, Nestora and many others.

    1- Crème de la Crème (Main Mix)
    2- Pain Qui Rend Fou (Main Mix)
    3- Pain Qui Rend Fou (Steve Lischinsky Mix)
    4- Pain Qui Rend Fou (Moxy Street Mix)

    Available now on :




    and more

    Written & Produced arranged and mixed by Yohan Esprada


    Feedback: So deeeeepest and jackkkkin!! Thanks for the promo Yohan Yohan Esprada! Creme de la Creme for Us!
    Thanks again bro Wink

    Andy Ward
    Feedback: i like the sounds of this whole package. will support for sure

    Sezer Uysal
    Feedback: Steve Lischinsky works me ! great groove ! thanks

    Greg Gauthier
    Feedback: excellent !!!
    je vais jouer “Crème de la Crème” “ !

    Andrew Chibale
    Feedback: I like “Crème de la Crème” (original) and “Pain Qui rend Fou” (Steve mix), will definitely support these two .. good melodies here .. 3/5

    Feedback: Loven the original...Yohan Esprada is a great producer and I really like what he is doing
    Sydney (Tokyo Red recordings)

    Dj Daw
    Feedback: Good Work my friend.. perfect deep for my set`s.
    “Pain Qui rend Fou” - (Moxy Street Rolling Baguette Remix) is my favorite!

    Spiritual Blessings
    Feedback: Love your Deep House style! This 2 projects are very cool. My favorite is “Crème de la Crème”, but love also the Main mix and Steve Lichinsky Remix for “Pain Qui rend Fou”. Great style man. Will play it for sure. All the best for it.”

    Ilias katelanos
    Feedback: excellent release by a very talented producer !
    i loke a lot the two original tracks and also the
    Steve Lischinsky remix. full support to this beautifull ep

    Bradford James
    Feedback: Nice & Deep!!! Steve Lischinsky mix does it best for me!

    Amir Groove
    Feedback: very nice work, for sure will support on my radio show on ibiza sonica!

    Denz Devarez
    Feedback : “Pain Qui rend Fou” (moxy remix) is the one for me! great deepness!

    Sean Mcferrin
    Feedback: What a packege! this is in my bag and ready for the weekend!! my favorite is the “steve lischinsky remix”

    Alexander a.k.a Dj AX
    Feedback: “Pain Qui rend Fou”....Main Mix for me, nice housy synth + good deeper vibe, complete support

    Adel A.R. Jamal - Dj Discal
    Feedback: Grooving and warm ePiano as I always expect from you Mr. Yohan Esprada! “Crème de la Crème”!
    I love the way he just throws in assorted samples in a very deeeeeep way, so it feels like watching a short film!
    “Pain Qui rend Fou” sounds like a strong strong PROG house track with it's killer bassline ! PERFECT FOR THE CLUB!

    Laurent Schark
    Feedback: Bien joué Yohan Yohan Esprada !
    Tres sympa comme prod.
    Support sur Dj Buzz d'ici qques jours, et tracklisting radio également sur mon set

    Vincent Deeper
    Feedback: On retrouve bien l'esprit de Mr Yohan Esprada dans cet Opus.
    Un sample original, de bon remix qui trouveront leurs places dans la programmation de Paris-One Deeper.

    Mr Eric
    Feedback: Merci pour cette belle Crème...
    C'est bien du bon Yohan Esprada, comme a ton habitude sa tape droit.
    Pour ma part j'ai une grosse préférence pour le “Pain Qui rend Fou”.

    Feedback: Nice Ep men
    Full suport for the ”Pain Qui rend Fou” - (Steve Lischinsky Remix) will be play @ Deep Club

    Vincent Calderone
    Feedback: Big suport for the EP.
    I will play the Steve Lischninsky remix of “Pain Qui rend Fou” @ Deep Club.

    Octav Paul
    Feedback: Good to Go Yohan Esprada !
    I love the “Crème de la Crème” track, and “Pain Qui rend Fou” (Steve Lischisky remix) the most, but the whole EP will be on my tracklists !
    Octav Paul

    Darran Nugent
    Feedback: “Pain Qui rend Fou” pour moi. C’est magnifique!

    Alan O
    Feedback: I'm feeling both the Main Mixes of “Crème de la Crème” and “Pain Qui rend Fou”, will support on my radio show. Alan O, Multi Storey Soul radio show, RTE Pulse, Dublin, Ireland.

    Feedback: Steve Lischinsky Remix is fantastic, will pla it! Thanks a lot.

    Feedback: “Crème de la Crème” is a really an amazing track , with an interresting groove added by deep keybord chords filled of good vibes.

    Feedback: Great package!!!
    Favorite trax 4 me “Crème de la Crème”, “Pain Qui rend Fou” Main mix
    Thnx a lot

    Vincent Inc
    Feedback: “Pain Qui rend Fou” (Main mix) is on the top for me. Will play in my gigs and radioshows.

    Beppe Gioia
    Feedback: deeeep as i like! thanks 4 the promo

    Marvin Zeyss
    Feedback: Nice release, really diggin Steve Lischinsky's Remix of “Pain Qui rend Fou”!

    Alex Crisandgel
    Feedback: des bons sons house comme je les aime .....

    Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta
    Feedback: “Pain Qui rend Fou” is really good one! Moody and deep. Well done, Yohan Yohan Esprada!

    Feedback: “Pain Qui rend Fou” (moxy remix) is absolutely awesome!!

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